以 GeoNames 和 Wikidata 为基础,我们对来自不同来源的各种不同格式的地理数据进行转换和整合,包括 NetCDF 中的网格温度数据、HDF5 中的降水数据、AAIGrid 中的太阳辐射数据、GPKG 中的多边形数据、气候和海洋 图像中的当前数据和表格中的政府数据。

当前版本的 CKGG 包含 15 亿个三元组,可作为 Linked Data 访问。 我们还发布了一个用于来源跟踪的 reified 版本。

As part of a long-term research effort to provide students with better computer-aided education, we create CKGG, a Chinese knowledge graph for the geography domain at the high school level. Using GeoNames and Wikidata as a basis, we transform and integrate various kinds of geographical data in different formats from diverse sources, including gridded temperature data in NetCDF, precipitation data in HDF5, solar radiation data in AAIGrid, polygon data in GPKG, climate and ocean current data in images, and government data in tables. The current version of CKGG contains 1.5 billion triples and is accessible as Linked Data. We also publish a reified version for provenance tracking. We illustrate the potential application of CKGG with a prototype.



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